About Us

The Machine Learning community at Duke is distributed across a variety of departments across the Schools of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The strength of Machine Learning at Duke is the diversity of the approaches and applications of researchers, coupled with the interdisciplinary and collaborative environment at Duke. Home departments for students, faculty and postdoctoral fellows include: Computer Science, Statistical Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Biology, and Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, all of which are highly ranked. Courses both at the undergraduate and graduate level are offered through these departments. We also host a number of undergraduate Machine Learning events and speakers. You can learn more about undergraduate Machine Learning here: http://dukeml.org/

Our faculty are world renowned in the field of Machine Learning. Some honors include: (3) IEEE Fellows, (2) AAAI Fellows, (1) ACM Fellow, (5) Sloan Foundation Awards, (3) ASA Fellows, (2) IMS Fellows, (1) National Academy of Sciences Member, (1) National Academy of Engineering Member, (1) COPPS award, (1) PECASE award, and (1) IJCAI Computers and Thought award.


  • CS
  • Stats
  • ECE
  • Math
  • BioStats/BioInfo
  • Duke Med
  • Inst. For Health Innovation
  • Genomics and Computational Biology
  • Accenture
  • DIBS
  • Pratt
  • University Program in Genetics and Genomics
  • MedX/Personalized Medicine Institute